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                 Zhejiang Couson Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech green illumination and innovative enterprise,focus on researching,manufacturing,and marketing induction lamp and LED products.

                 By years of development,COUSON,which had perfect research ability and facility,built 2 research centers for LED and induction lamp and applied for several patents,Based on this,COUSON promoted "new energy,new light"research center with Zhejiang University.gathering a group of outstanding technology talents and excellent product development team from the world.COUSON passed through ISO9001:2008 quality management system,and the products got kinds of certification like CE,ROHS,CCC and etc.

                 Headquatered in Wenzhou city, COUSON set up branch companies in many cities,like Beijing,Hangzhou,Ningbo,Chendu,Dalian in China,and COUSON's offices were also established in Brazil and Spain.Our goal is to build network both in domestic and on abroad to push COUSON's products to the world.

                 Bases on the productional idea of "safe,healthy,energy-saving and environmental-friendly"and the spirit of "realistic,innovative,united and enterprising",COUSON,which has kinds of resource advantages and science development,provided advanced energy-make COUSON's brand,enhancing sustainability through innovations in the lighting technology world.